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                     Sun City Bike Riders

When we post something new we will put the date of the posting here so you will know to scroll down to find and see it.

Thursday ride starting time for September is 6:00 am


        Sun City Cycling Club Chapter Weekly Rides:
We ride every Tuesday and Thursday and meet by the Sun Dial at the Sundial Recreation center, corner of 103 Ave and Boswell in Sun City.   Occasionally we do a ride on another day and it will be listed above in Upcoming Special Event.  See starting time schedule below for normal start times.  

Tuesday Rides:  Are causal rides within Sun City, the New River and Skunk Creek trails.  Distance between 5 to 20 miles, no one will be dropped.  These are slow pace generally cruiser type bikes and everyone is welcome.  Requirements are Helmet, water and good attitude.  Recommended are gloves and minor.  Start times are listed below.  

Thursday Rides:  Are a little more serious.  We ride 35 - 50 miles at 14-15 mph.  We usually meet by the Sun Dial at the Sundial Recreation Center in Sun City but occasionally start from alternative locations. Check the information above in the Upcoming Special Event section for more information if there is an alternative start location.   Requirements are Helmet, water and safe riding practices and a good attitude.  Recommended are gloves and minor.  Start times are listed below. 

If you would like more information please contact Chuck Booth--623-846-8579  or;  or Warren Smock--317-417-3961 or
or you can find us on Facebook. Search for group Sun City Cycling Club

Start times for Sun City Cycling
Thursday Tuesday
Month Start Time Start Time
January 9:00 AM 9:00 AM
February 9:00 AM 9:00 AM
March 9:00 AM 9:00 AM
April 8:00 AM 8:00 AM
May 6:00 AM 7:00 AM
June 5:30 AM 6:00 AM
July 5:30 AM 6:00 AM
August 5:30 AM 6:00 AM
September 6:00 AM 7:00 AM
October 7:00 AM 8:00 AM
November 8:00 AM 8:00 AM
December 9:00 AM 9:00 AM

Rain at the start location and surrounding area cancels the ride. Start times might change due to extreme weather conditions.  Canceled rides and start time changes will be posted on this web site and on our FB page as soon as possible but could result in short notice. 

Join us for a fun and friendly ride. 




Three Sun City Bicycling Routes with connectors

These three Sun City bicycling routes are North Route, Central Route and the South Route.  All routes are within Sun City.  

The connections between the loops are as follows:

  1. Between the Central Route and the South Route use 103rd Ave.
  2. Between the Central Route and the North Route you can use either Boswell Ave or Burns Dr or Lindgren Ave.

North Route:  10. 3 miles

Central Route: 9.0 miles

South Route: 8.2 miles


Sun City Cycling Club Chapter Ride Routes

The following are some normal rides that the group does on their Thursday rides.  All routes may be modified during the ride depending on the weather and desires of the group.  Most have at least one stop for restrooms and coffee/snacks. 

Things you should know:

1.     The letter designations have absolutely no significance;they are just a way to easily identifyon Facebook or emailwhich ride we might be doing on any givenThursday.  Example ride A is no more or less important thanride E.  

2.    The Ride with GPS link should take you to that route.  If it doesn’t work you can go to Ride with GPS (  and do a search for SCCC rides. 

3.    I have adjustedthe cue sheets so they should match the courses, but be aware that you should at least have an overall idea of where you are going, etc. before heading out.

4.    Mileages should be good unless notedotherwise.  Inseveral places Ride with GPS doesn’t recognize some streets, trails or connectors that are used.   These have been noted in the descriptions and also the cue sheets adjusted to keep you on the actual route.

5.    Any positive suggestions or comments are appreciated.  You can send them to me

6.    More rides will be added as we develop more routes and longer routes. 

Sun City Cycling Club Chapter Ride Descriptions and Links
Route Distance Name Direction Description Designed Ride with GPS Link. Comments
A 38 miles SCCC Karl's Bakery/Spoke and Wheel Loop Southeast Route to Karl's Bakery, Spoke and Wheel and various eating establishments via the AZ Canal Trail and back home by streets. Chuck Booth/ Warren Smock
B 37 miles SCCC Kneaders Bakery Loop South Route to Kneaders Bakery at shopping center at 99th Ave and McDowell Warren Smock The GPS map and the cue sheet do not match. Use the cue sheet.
C 36 miles SCCC Mormon Temple Run North Route going north to see the Mormon Temple and then over Thunderbird Park Hill and stop at Dunkin' Donuts. Mtn. and lake views along the route. Warren Smock
D 42 miles SCCC The General Store West A nice lollipop ride to a real old western general store in Waddell, AZ. Nice views of the White Tank Mtn. and horse farms on the return trip. Warren Smock
E 39 miles SCCC Vistancia Loop Northwest Sundial RC to Vistancia and then to an actual sundial. Route goes north to see the longhorn steer and a little hill work before heading west to Vistancia. Safeway foods and a couple of eating places are located in Vistancia. Warren Smock An alternative is to take the Discovery Trail from the sundial back to El Mirage Road and Safeway before heading back to Sun City.
F 43 miles SCCC Tour de Sun Cities - No Festival West A nice little tour through Sun City, Sun City West and Sun City Grand, but does not go out to Sun City Festival. Be aware that GPS doesn't recognize Deer Valley Connector at approx. 17.5 so course is 4 miles shorter than the Ride With GPS link and map shows. Cue sheet is correct. Warren Smock
   G   42 miles     SCCC South  Paradise Bakery        Ride   Southwest    A ride to Paradise Bakery at McDowell       and Estrelle coming home via the New       River Trail.   Warren      Smock

Sun City Cycling Club Chapter Century (and optional routes) and cue sheets:

You are advised to use the maps and not the ridewithgps cue sheets as there are errors on them.  If you want an excel spreadsheet with correct cue sheet, contact me at              100 miles.              70 miles               50 miles              40 miles              34 miles              25 miles

Safety Tips:
Lane positioning and group riding:
Three items that we should consider in road positioning:
  1. At intersections:  You should be positioned in lane that will take you in the direction you plan to go when departing the intersection. 
    1. If there is a right or left turn lane and you are going straight, you should be in the lane that goes straight. 
    2. Often there is no right turn lane, stop in the middle of the straight lane to allow cars which want to make a right turn to come up on your right.
    3. If you are going right stop in the right turn lane or the right portion of the straight lane in the absence of a right turn lane.
    4. If you are going to make a left turn, stop in the left turn lane or the left portion of the straight lane in the absence of a left turn lane.
  2. Riding in the lanes:   You should ride in the right most part of the lane as is practical and safe.  The last portion is very critical:
    1.  If the lane is too narrow for a car to safety pass, you should take the lane (ride in the middle) to force the car to pull into the parallel lane to pass you.
    2. Do not ride on the edge of the road on narrow streets; that will encourage drivers to squeeze by you.
    3. Always move over as soon as it is safely possible to allow traffic to pass.  This is the law if more than 4 vehicles are backed up behind you.
  3. Group riding:  When riding in groups of 6 or more with traffic approaching from behind, it is wise to ride two abreast and in a nice tight formation.  This prevents traffic from squeezing by you and also shortens the distance by ½ that the traffic has to travel in passing the group.


Your safety comes first but courteous behavior is always a positive in sharing the road.


Happy and safe riding.


Warren Smock

LCI 1429

Below is a simple diagram that will explaining proper thought process in bike lane use.  Keep in mind the AZ law, statute 28-815 Riding on Roadway and Bicycle Path; Bicycle Path Usage.
Club Photographs

Memorial Day Ride

May 25th Ride-Lake Mary/Mormon Lake 

Tucson Ride March 3-4
August 25, 2016 - Sun City Visitor's Center
Uptown Farmer's Market Ride
August 20, 2016
March 20, 2016
 SCCCC's Inaugural Century Photos
Eight riders completed the SCCC inaugural century.  Left to right.
Ron Gurth (in front), Doug Dunn (1st centruy), Bruce Lenn, Susan Shiring (1st century),
Warren Smock,Yoshi Sano, Jerry Hansen, Teri Trollope.
Our ride to Lake Pleasant! 

Sun City Cycling Club Chapter First Ride, Oct 2015.

Original Sun City Bike Club in 1960!

Fourth Tour de Sun City Christmas Lights Ride was a great success.  We had 20 riders, a good time was had by all!   

Nov. 11-13, 2016, SCCC Tucson Loop and Swap Meet Rides

Archived Information:

Information on April 27, 2017 ride.
A different start location

Start: Rose Mofford Sports Complex

         9833 N 25th Ave,

            Phoenix, AZ 85021

Time:  7:30 am

Route: Low 50's mileage.  Ridewithgps route:

             The route will take us thru some lovely Scottsdale and Paradise Valley areas before picking up the trail from Scottsdale to Tempe Town Lake.  We will return home via downtown PHX.   


Directions to Rose Mofford Sports Complex:    

                                 Two options:  1.  Go east on Peoria Ave, go under I-17 and at top of hill turn

                                                          right on 25th Ave.  Complex is 0.5 mile on your left.

                                                     2.  Go east on Olive Ave (turns into Dunlap), go under I-17 and

                                                          turn left on 25th Ave.  Complex is 0.2 mile on your right.

Hope to see you all there.

Saturday, December 9th, 6:00 p.m: 
The Booth’s will be providing lasagna and garlic bread Please bring a dish to share (appetizer, salad, or dessert) Also bring a gift for the gift exchange.
Location: Chuck and Jean’s house 
                 9843 W. Emberwood Dr.  
                 Sun City, AZ 85351.  
Please R.S.V.P. by December 1 call (623) 846-8579

Saturday, Dec. 16, 6th Annual Tour de Sun City Christmas Lights.

Raise your voices and shout, Hallelujah! Hallelujah! one more time, Hallelujah!  You are invited to the Sixth Annual Tour de Sun City Christmas Lights Ride  Join your friends and fellow cyclists for this holiday inspiring ride to put you into the spirit of the season.  


What:                    Sixth Annual Tour de Sun City Christmas Lights Ride
When:                    Saturday, December 16, 2017
Time:                     Meet at 5:00 to 5:15 PM (Kickstands up at 5:30 PM)

Where:                  10906 W Thunderbird Blvd, Sun City, AZ   
                                (will be a lighted high wheel bicycle in the front of the house)
                                Plenty of parking on the street in front of my house.

                                Bicycle parking in my garage in the back.
Helmet, front and rear lights that meet AZ traffic regulations*

Description:  We will ride as a group, approximately 15 miles through the mostly deserted streets of Sun City and a couple of fringe neighborhoods to see and enjoy the Christmas lights.   We will stay together as a group and ride approximately 10 to12 mph to see  

the light displays; no one will be dropped.   About 5 miles from the end we will enjoy the Grand Finale light display before returning to the end for refreshments.  This should take about 2  hours. 

Refreshments:     Coffee, hot chocolate and snacks at my house after the ride.  

Questions:            Submit to or 317 417 3961

RSVP:                      Not required but nice for planning purposes.  If you decide at the last

                               minute you’ll be welcome.

Awards:                Prizes for the best theme Christmas or Holiday decorated bike and                   


*§28-817. Bicycle equipment

A. A bicycle that is used at nighttime [ "the period between sunset and sunrise" -- §1-215 ] shall have a lamp on the front that emits a white light visible from a distance of at least five hundred feet to the front and a red reflector on the rear of a type that is approved by the department and that is visible from all distances from fifty feet to three hundred feet to the rear when the reflector is directly in front of lawful upper beams of head lamps on a motor vehicle. A bicycle may have a lamp that emits a red light visible from a distance of five hundred feet to the rear in addition to the red reflector.
B. A person shall not operate a bicycle that is equipped with a siren or whistle.
C. A bicycle shall be equipped with a brake that enables the operator to make the braked wheels skid on dry, level, clean pavement. 

Lake Mary/Mormon Lake ride
                                                               Friday, 4/20 @ 9:00AM
We’ll meet at the picnic area for the lower Lake Mary off Lake Mary road.
There is an $8 fee for parking there. There are restrooms there.
You can also park along the side of the road before you get to the Lower Lake and ride up to the picnic area.
There is a wide spot on the south side were people sometimes park. Make sure you are not in a no parking zone.  

It’s appx 145 miles from Sun City, so allow at least 2 1/2 hours to drive up there.
Head up I17 and turn right onto Lake Mary Rd. the picnic area is 6.5 mile east from the freeway.

The ride is 45 miles with 1600’ elevation gain. 
Food, water and restroom are available at the store at Mormon Lake.

Lunch after at Susan & Chris’s in Oak Creek Canyon.  If you are planning on this ride and coming to Susan's  please RSVP  at   I will hand out direction at the ride.