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Rides start from Bicycle Vibe at 2605 W Carefree Hwy (about 1.1 miles east of I-17 on the south side of the road), except as noted. Please respect the vendors and other customers by not taking the prime parking spots nor clogging up access to the businesses.   Helmets and adherance to rules of the road are required for all rides. Cell phones are recommended (but not used while riding).  Rides may be cancelled without notice due to inclement weather.

Bicycle Vibe offers ABC members a 10% discount on parts and accessories. To receive special mailings about Desert Foothills events select it as an interest in your ABC member profile. A chapter ride discussion forum is available at: Forums. Please check the calendar at AZ Bike Club Calendar.  Contact ride leaders for more information.

The Contacts

Neill (623) 326-3455

Kristi (928) 202-2658

The Rides

 Check out our collection of great routes in the North Valley!
 40-50 Miles (from least to most climbing)




 West Valley Wander 

The first leg of the route from Bicycle Vibe (just east of I-17 on Carefree Hwy) should be a fast run down North Valley Pkwy to Jomax Rd.  

Begin the westerly leg by crossing over to the west of I-17 at Jomax.  South briefly on the Access Rd and skirt the traffic circles at Happy Valley Rd to ride away from the rising sun towards Westwing.  Ride through Westwing and turn south on Lake Pleasant Rd.   

Start your return leg by picking up Happy Valley Rd headed back east.  A bit of neighborhood meandering gets you to the west side of Thunderbird Park.  Cut through the park and climb briefly as 59th Avenue becomes Pinnacle Peak Rd.  At the bottom of the hill, head north on 55th Ave back up to Happy Valley Rd.  Start retracing your steps but avoid the traffic circles at the Happy Valley and I-17 interchange by heading north on 35th Ave, up to Pinnacle Vista and double back to Jomax on the I-17 Access Rd.  

There are several optional tweaks depending on your preferences.  The ride as captured here was done by 7 riders in 2 hours and 50 minutes with a brief rest stop at Target on Lake Pleasant Rd and Happy Valley Rd.   



New River Loop 

Head out into the country for 40 miles. Watch out for cattle guards! But also enjoy the wide open spaces.

Climb up through Anthem and walk a short distance through desert to get into Desert Hills and then head north to New River.  Water and restrooms are graciously provided at Roadrunner Cafe.  A brief refreshment stop in New River may be especially welcome on a hot day.  Cross under I-17 at the New River interchange to start the 10 mile downhill run heading south on New River Road.  This is the scene of many classic throw-downs and often comes with a tailwind.  The home stretch on Carefree Highway is basically flat back to the start.   




63rd Avenue Bridge

45-mile loop from Bicycle Vibe, in the Tramonto area, to Thunderbird Park and back.

The bike-ped bridge at 63rd Ave and Loop 101 opened on Saturday May 21, 2011. This route was the ABC Desert Foothills' first use of this dramatic overpass which connects the Thunderbird Park area with the Skunk Creek Wash and Arizona Canal shared-use trails south of the loop 101.  Loads of nice bike lanes and mostly gentle grades on this loop.  The only notable climb is the ride through Thunderbird Park near 59th Ave. and Pinnacle Peak Road. 



A Tale of Two Washes

This 43 mile loop encircles the Cave Buttes Recreation Area and extends north to Anthem. The southbound legs mostly follow the Cave Creek Wash going downstream while the northbound legs generally follow the Skunk Creek Wash upstream.

Follow this 43.5-mile route in a clockwise direction as it explores the Cave Creek and Skunk Creek Wash areas of the northern part of the Valley of the Sun.Head back east on Deer Valley Rd, past the airport to 19th Ave. It is a gentle climb from here back north along Norterra and North Valley Parkways.




 Dove Valley to the General Store
The General Store at Pima and Pinnacle Peak is a great destination for this relatively flat 46 mile route.  

The route doesn't have any major climbs but as described, the last portion of the ride is gently uphill.





Stagecoach to the General Store 

Legend Trail Parkway is a beautiful segment even if you're going uphill. This 45 mile route features it going downhill.

The General Store at Pima and Pinnacle Peak is one of my favorite destinations so I guess it couldn't hurt to have more than one way to get there.  However, the signature feature of this route is the initial climb up Stagecoach Pass.  This climb is quite steep (surpassing 12%) but thankfully under 1.2 miles.  If you're not quite feeling up to this testy climb, just stay on Carefree Highway to Scottsdale Road and then turn left to head north past The Boulders Resort and on up to rejoin the route by turning right onto Stagecoach Pass.  But you'll miss seeing the remarkable house on the rocks.   The detour is 1.3 miles (only a tenth of a mile longer than "the preferred" segment).   Continue climbing on Stagecoach Pass to the north end of Legend Trail Parkway.  From here it's basically downhill to a fabulous rest and refreshment stop at the General Store at Pima and Pinnacle Peak Roads.  The return trip basically follows the contour of the land, the northbound segments are gently uphill while the westbound segments tend to run downhill.   This route puts in a bit of climbing in the first half of the ride.   






Just Shy of the Towers 

Although the bike lane was upgraded in 2011, the last little bit of Cave Creek Road before the turn-off to Bartlett Lake is not necessary to get great views of the valley from around 3100 feet of elevation.  Then it's all pretty much downhill from there on this loop.  The route is a mix of road types from state highway to neighborhood streets and country lanes. Generally, there are bike lanes where the traffic is bad and the parts without bike lanes are fairly low-traffic.  Generally!  As always, ride safe and be responsible 






To the Top of Nine Mile Hill 

Nine-mile hill refers to the east-side descent from near Pinnacle Peak into the Verde Valley. This 46 mile route stays on the western side of that big hill. One of the most memorable features of this route is the climb up 115th Street near Pinnacle Peak.  This caps off about 500 feet of climbing over about 5 miles (a little shy of 2% overall grade).   That makes the convenience store at the intersection of Dynamite Blvd and Alma School Rd a welcome relief stop with refreshments and rest rooms.  After refueling and regrouping, enjoy the bike lanes for the decent on Dynamite Blvd. 

 20-40 Miles



Anthem 20

This 20 mile loop Stays entirely within Anthem.

Start from the Park-n-Ride and get a warm up on some short but fairly steep climbs in the southern pan handle of Anthem. Then head up into the Country Club for several miles of long gentle climbing. Traverse the base of Daisy Mountain to the west and then double back to the east in a giant switch back.



Morning Rush

This 30 mile route is largely an out and back route. Up to the turn-around point, most of the route is gently downhill. Of course that means the return leg is... 

Start at the Starbucks at Daisy Mountain Road and Gavilan Peak Parkway in Anthem. This route is mostly bike lanes. Repeat this route twice a week and track your time to watch your progress.



Anthem Lights Ride

For a tour of Anthem holiday lights, start at the pocket park on King Dr. Follow the 11-mile route to include streets, park trails and wash shared-use paths.  

This route tends to stay off the main road, perferring to cruise the neighborhood side-streets.  There are lots of turns and you should watch out for driveway traffic!  Don't try to make good speed on this ride, take your time and ohh and aah over the light displays put out by the good people of Anthem.  





Silent Sunday on South Mountain
Ride San Juan and then the towers. The park road is closed to vehicles on Silent Sunday, the fourth Sunday of the month. Park at the large parking lot to the east of the first guard shack. 

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