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                                                               BICYCLE HELMET

                     A properly-fitted bicycle helmet is REQUIRED to be worn by all participants


                 Road Groups Coming Soon looking for a few good ride leaders! 




What to carry in your cycling bag!!!!!


  1. Don't be that person
  2. Don’t put your left foot straight down on any turn or you’ll clip a pedal and launch yourself in to outer space.
  3. Don’t overlap wheels.When following a rider, your front wheel should never come up on the left or right side of someone’s rear wheel
  4. Don’t yell at any cyclist out there.  This goes for other group rides as well.  If you want to yell, yell at a car that cuts you off.  We are all on the same team out there.  Cyclists need to stick together.
  5. Do not put your hands on other riders in the group.  You are not a pro.  This is not theTour de France.
  6. Ladies have no rules.Guys – you should learn this rule if you are planning on getting married.
  7. When sprinting, stay to the left. Slow riders should be on the right. If you think it’ll be too dangerous to sprint, then Don’t.
  8. Remember, it’s just a fun group ride.
    If you complain about anything, see rule number 1. just joking.
  9. When it’s dark, you must have a front and rear light. IT’S THE LAW