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This is what I (Neill Thompson) do for Saturday rides

After the ride:

  1. Log mileage for ride leaders and members (Mileage Log)
  2. Register non-members (Calendar)
  3. Record attendance (Calendar)
  4. Edit Ride History page to append attendance to this ride's line (chapter sub-page)
  5. Send follow-up email to first-time non-member riders

Before the next ride:

  1. Add a new line for next ride to Ride History Page (chapter sub-page)
  2. Make a copy of the most recent instance the route to next week's date (Calendar)
  3. Share link on Facebook (Wed or Thursday)
  4. Share post on other Facebook groups (Wed or Thursday)

This information is specific to Desert Foothills Saturday rides.  More general information such as Ride Leader Checklist and pre-ride briefing are contained in posts in the Ride Leader forum.  A draft version of the follow-up email can be found there.   

Pre Ride Briefing- Before heading out on a group ride:

Welcome to the Desert Foothills Chapter Saturday morning ride

This ride is targeted at 45 miles in 3 hours.  There will normally be a 15 minute rest and refreshment stop at a convenience store 
near the midpoint of the ride.  There are currently 8 different routes that we rotate through.  Route information for upcoming rides is normally posted on the online calendar at a few days prior to each ride.  It is also shared on the Facebook groups: "AzBikeClub" and "Team Bicycle Vibe".  We will make all reasonable efforts to keep the group together but we cannot guarantee that the group will go fast enough or slow enough for you.  You should understand your own capability and be comfortable that it is compatible with the group's plan.  Before each ride:

Check in with the ride leader and sign a waiver of liability if requested by the ride leader.

If you are not used to riding in a group, let the ride leader know.

Check that you have helmet, water, and tire repair essentials.  If you don't know how to change your own flats, let the ride leader know.
Familiarize yourself with the route, rest stops, and regroup points.
Follow the rules of the road. Observe traffic controls.
Use the buddy system.  If you are the next to the last rider in a group, keep an eye on the rider behind you.  If you are the last rider in a group, let the rider in front of you know if they are going to fast for you.
If you leave the ride early, try to make sure that the ride leader is aware
Communicate with other riders.  Point out hazards, signal turns, etc.
Every rider should be responsible for themselves.  Don't follow the group through a light that has changed.  The group should wait for you to catch up.  
Ask for the ride leader's phone number in case you need to call during the ride.  (The ride leader should have some business cards)

Perform an ABC quickcheck (Air, Brakes, Chain, Quick releases)
Reset computer